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Philippine Post Office Improves Services by Scrapping Notification Cards

The Philippine Postal Corporation (Post Office) has made recent changes aimed at bringing even more convenience to the public as part of their “Hatid Malasakit” program. The old practice of Notification Cards has now been scrapped, greatly speeding up the delivery of mail and parcels.

Previously, recipients have to first wait for a Notification Card before they pick up their packages from the Post Office. The delays happen because sometimes these cards will be received in two to three months.

All this time, the packages are just sitting in the Post Office, gathering dust. This is a 75-year-old practice that has consistently caused delay for packages and parcels.

Postmaster General Norman “Mr. Postman” Fulgencio announced this change in a recent statement. All Filipinos, including their families abroad, can now expect faster, safer, and more convenient door-to-door delivery of their mails and parcels.

“This time, our clients can now expect safe and convenient door-to-door delivery of their parcels minus the Notification Cards”, said Fulgencio.

Zero-backlog Achieved

This development was after the Post Office reported that they currently have cleared their backlog of undelivered letters and parcels in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, Palawan, and Batanes.

Fulgencio explains that they stopped this practice in order to provide safety and convenience to the mailing public.

“Our heartfelt gratitude for the public’s kind understanding and patience. The postal service is far from being perfect, but we are continuously improving. Again, our apologies”, added Fulgencio.

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In addition to removing Notification Cards, the Post Office is also pushing for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project. This covers the digitalization of their entire organization. All their processes, including the mail management system, corporate financial information system, financial counter system, and human resource information system would greatly benefit from this change.

Kudos to the Philippine Postal Corporation for improving their services, and becoming reliable partners of Filipinos for a #BetterPhilippines!

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