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The OFW who juggled work and studies via the Internet

Life is not a race – Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Ferdinand Gueco is proof that everyone has their own pace. With the help of the internet and online education, Ferdinand was able to achieve his dreams.

While in search for greener pastures, Ferdinand couldn’t let go of his dream of finishing his studies. Work overseas is definitely lucrative for OFWs like him. However, he knows that having a diploma would still help him have a better future.

He knows that juggling work and finishing his education won’t be easy, but he still wanted to do it. He had stopped schooling for several years already, and he knows that he would need a huge adjustment to get back to the routine of a classroom-goer.


Pushing for a Brighter Future

Ferdinand knew that finishing his education will enable him to achieve more professionally. This in turn would help him earn more for his family. The thought of this made him want to continue schooling, so he started researching. 

He didn’t have much options, as he was working in Saudi Arabia at that time, and the fees for schooling in his adopted home was too much.

Things started to look up when he stumbled upon AMA Online Education (AMA OEd). This system has given Filipinos, including OFWs, a chance to pursue education no matter where they are in the world. 

Ferdinand enrolled in the Business Administration program even though he knew the challenges of being a working student.

“Being an OFW is already an arduous endeavor even more as you commit to further study. Aside from taking a significant chunk from my monthly budget, I had to ensure I used my time wisely, focusing on studying with the limited time I have,” said Ferdinand.  

Finishing with Flying Colors

He worked hard to balance work and his online studies. Virtual classes, discussions, and mentorship all happened online, through numerous exchange of emails. Four years later, he finished strong and determined, surpassing term after term while working a full-time job.

In May 2019, Ferdinand Gueco finished his program of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Information Systems Management with flying colors – he graduated Magna cum Laude.

This opened a lot of opportunities for him. “I recently applied to another company and immediately was about to be hired. My current company, though, found out I was then graduating and decided to keep me and gave me a counteroffer that’s more than what I expected,” he said.

As of this writing, Ferdinand is now a Senior Purchasing Specialist at the Saudi Arabia-based company he has worked for while pursuing his degree. 

Recent improvements in technology has allowed developments like these in the lives of Filipinos, as distance to institutions have become less of a barrier. Programs like the AMA OEd now enable Filipinos to take full degree programs online, making it easier to pursue dreams of further education.

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