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Tastebud Travels with Food Deliveries

We know you miss traveling. We can’t really go out to wander around places to discover something new about the world, and yourself. Gone are the days, for now, of meeting new people, exchanging stories, and tasting the best food a place has to offer. With quarantine protocols still in place, traveling without hesitation may be far from reality. However, online food deliveries have created a similar sensation of enjoying food from our dream destinations. 

Cacao Culture

Tourism is one of the industries badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Travels, both locally and abroad, have halted. This created a ripple effect on those who rely on tourists as their livelihood.

But it is slowly going back to normal, with heightened health measures of course. The month of October has welcomed the tourism sector with Boracay’s reopening for tourists in the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) areas or lower. And talks of other tourism destinations reopening are already ongoing.

Defining Culinary Tourism

Admit it, one category for choosing a destination to visit is because of its selection of dishes & snacks to try. That’s why food travel has become so popular. 

But it isn’t something new, since we consider exploring new cuisines as a leisurely experience. Food travel means exploring the gastronomic offering a specific place has to offer, and enjoying the food and conversations taking place.

Technology and constant food & beverage (F&B) innovations have made food travel easier, allowing us to indulge in a country’s “must tries” with just a single transaction. 

Taste and Travel

It is true that nothing compares to the food served at home. But a little change for our taste buds won’t hurt. The familiarity of watching online cooking shows, K-dramas, anime, western films, etc. have urged our desire to taste what our onscreen characters have on their tables. 

From delivery hotlines, direct messages, to personalized Google forms, and third-party apps, there are a lot of ways to order food. Restaurants have heightened their delivery services to accommodate the new demands of their customers.

Some even make sure that the customers get the same experience of dining in the restaurant by innovating the way they serve their delivered food. Some have resorted to “do-it-yourself” kits; others bring their whole utensils and condiments game to your dining tables.

This way, we are ensured of our safety, while enjoying the food journey that they offer. Looks like in the meantime, food deliveries are the way to go if you want to experience something new.

Wander at home

Ramen kits from big and home-based food places, when delivered to our homes, resemble dining in a Japanese restaurant. Minus their famous cherry blossoms of course. 

The mouth-watering Korean barbecue scenes in your favorite dramas can also be recreated at home. Your favorite K-BBQ places have also started offering Samgyupsal kits to be enjoyed at home with friends and family. 

The long wait is overWe are back with our special delivery offer.🔻Please check the operating time from the branch…

Posted by 낭만돼지 Romantic Baboy on Thursday, May 7, 2020

And who doesn’t’ dream of losing oneself to the seafood specialties of Zamboanga? The famous Alavar Seafood Restaurant, expanding to different locations in Metro Manila, offers food delivery as well. 

Tired of cooking at home? Take a break and enjoy our Seafood platters at the comfort of your home with your loved ones….

Posted by Alavar Seafood Restaurant on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Even famous snacks and delicacies are available to order online, just like Mama Jessie’s Kesong Puti from Nueva Ecija. This would go perfect with pandesal, over salad, or anything really.

We love receiving photos from our customers on how they used our kesong puti in their recipes! 💚Eanne shares that she…

Posted by Mama Jessie's Kesong Puti on Thursday, September 17, 2020

Favorites from Baguio, and other snacks are also available in various local resellers that are sure to accommodate you, wherever you are.

While we follow necessary measures and wait until things get better, traveling and experiencing the world can be done safely even in the comfort of our own homes. Consider food deliveries. This way, you get to relish a destination’s delicacies, and support our locals with each order. 

Where will your taste buds travel to next?

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