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Taiwanese Tech Parts Giant Plans to Hire 8,000 Filipino Workers

Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group (NKG), the company behind one of the world’s largest calculator factories in the world, plans to nearly double its workforce in the Philippines.

NKG CEO Simon Shen said that they see their revenues from electronic parts factories reaching $1 billion by 2020, which is why they hope to increase their workforce in the country to 18,000 by hiring 8,000 workers and almost 1,000 engineers.

The factory in Lipa, Batangas can produce 35 million to 55 million calculators per year according to Shen. He added that the company might also produce smartphone parts locally depending on the demand.

NKG established itself in the industry by producing parts for smartphones, air purifiers, and even rice cookers for well-established companies like Casio, Texas Instruments, and Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi.


“We expect to double revenues. We need more people to join us. Filipino workers are very skilled,” said Shen in an exclusive interview with ANC’s The Boss.

Other than English proficiency, the NKG CEO said that Filipino workers are valued for their sense of teamwork.

“The Philippines is a very good site for us,” he said.

Shen also mentioned that he wants to join in the country’s transformation into a manufacturing hub. He emphasized the importance of the country staying “very competitive” to attract foreign investments.

When asked about the government’s plans to revise perks for investors, Shen said that they have to revise their business model if incentives are removed.

via ABS-CBN News / Cathy Yang

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