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Reviving the Philippines’ Food Basket: Mindanao

Even with decades of conflict and sparse assistance, Mindanao is starting to reclaim its title of the “food basket of the Philippines.”

Cacao Culture

According to the Philippines Mindanao Jobs Report by financial institution World Bank, the Philippines’ economic progress is dependent on Mindanao’s success. Efforts for its improvement will definitely create a huge impact for our country.

Over the years however, the island’s economy isn’t producing positive economic spikes. These can be considered as a minor hitch for some – but for citizens of Mindanao, it is a major dilemma.

Setbacks for growth

The island is the country’s main source of agricultural products. Even while experiencing conflict, Mindanao has always been eager to supply the country in order to create a better future for all.

In addition to decades-long armed conflicts, other factors had a huge impact on Mindanao’s journey towards continuous growth. These include lack of necessary farming equipment & infrastructure, inferior organization of farmers, and a narrow growth strategy.

Throughout the years, peace talks and other negotiations coincide with the government’s focus of bringing Mindanao’s agriculture industry back on track.

The future of  Mindanao’s agriculture

Industrialization and mechanization of agriculture has been the focus of improvement for the agricultural sector in recent years. This was done with the assistance of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDa), focusing on Mindanao’s popular products: corn, bananas, and coconuts.

In addition, the region has also been boosting the production of cacao, which matches world-class standards.

Various cities have been making strides in the agricultural sector, helping to restore the region’s rightful place as the agricultural center of the Philippines. This includes Cotabato City which promotes fruit tree farming, and General Santos City positioning to be the next trade and investment hub in the south.

Foreign investors have also shown interest in exporting several of Mindanao’s produce such as cassava and rice

The availability of vast agricultural land as well as the seeming immunity against typhoons points to Mindanao’s potential for agricultural greatness.

With the continued support from the government and other stakeholders, the future is bright for Mindanao.

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