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Pinoys are Conquering the UK’s Business Industry

Filipinos can literally be found anywhere across the globe, but who knew we’d be doing well in the UK’s business industry?

Finding success stories of kababayans abroad comes as no shock, owing to the innate adaptability Filipinos possess. At any rate, they can easily adjust to situations, maximizing resources at hand, and create something from nothing. This time around, it’s Pinoys in the UK showcasing their competence!

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UK’S most common business owners

Pinoys finished #1 in a research conducted by financial company ETX Capital – as the largest group of foreign business owners in the United Kingdom. Out of over 200,000 UK business owners sourced from Companies House, a whopping total of 5,090 business owners (2.65%) reported their nationality as Filipino.


Furthermore, in the list of business owners by country of residence, Pinoys aced the survey once more. In fact, a total of 4,984 business owners or 2.59%, responded as residents in the Philippines. 


Pinoy Pride in the UK

Safe to say, the UK’s business industry is experiencing a “Filipino wave” of sorts. Business ventures of Pinoys are flourishing immensely, and are being recognized throughout the United Kingdom. To name a few, there’s Viva Andrada O’Flynn, a Filipino business owner of Love Viva Cakes and Crafts. She won the Creative Business of the Year award in the Women’s Business Club Awards. 

And who can forget the award-winning Davao-based chocolatier Auro Chocolate? This Filipino premium bean-to-bar company received numerous awards in the UK vying against other competitors from around the world. This includes the inaugural Shining Bright special award by the prestigious Academy of Chocolate in London, as well as the Silver Award in the International Chocolate Award World Finals.

Many more Filipino-owned enterprises are making waves in the UK’s business industry. Every single day, they show and prove that we are not only known for our impeccable service, but also world-class goods.

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Beyond these recognitions, Filipinos’ subconscious need for reconnection to their homeland plays a big role in these ventures outside the country. Truth is, every Pinoy wants to showcase something from home. It’s a collective effort of representation. We can’t help but do it.

We work so hard to bring Pinoy pride to the fore, sharing a piece of our beloved homeland anywhere we are and with anyone we meet. And the UK? Well, it certainly loves being on the receiving end of Pinoys’ warm touch of home!

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