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PH to produce drinking water from air/sunlight

This sounds like magic, but it’s not. Through a collaboration between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Zero Mass Water, Inc. (ZMW), a new technology that produces drinking water from sunlight and air will benefit people in urban and remote areas.

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Developed by ZMW, SOURCE Hydropanels can ensure improved access to quality drinking water for Filipinos. This off-grid, solar-powered technology works by extracting water vapor from the air into a proprietary absorbent material. The water then flows into a certain reservoir where it goes through a mineralization process with calcium and magnesium for health and taste benefits.

Each hydropanel can displace up to 50,000 standard PET bottles, which effectively eliminates plastic pollution while providing quality drinking water.

A total of 40 hydropanel units will be deployed to eight island communities in the Philippines in the next months.

ADB Energy Sector Group Chief Mr. Yongping Zhai said that the deployment of “climate-proof drinking water” through the hydropanels will help take care of the water supply problems in rural and off-grid areas in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, ZMW founder and CEO Cody Friesen said that the group is looking forward to its partnership with ADB and NEA. He also said that deploying SOURCE Hydropanels will prove to be an innovative solution to the drinking water challenges in the country.

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