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Mobile Coffee Shops in the PH: A Freshly Brewed Concept

Let’s talk about coffee & mobility – two things these baristas know too well. When combined together, it creates a new way for Pinoys to get their usual coffee fix – hello mobile coffee shops!

Coffee plays an important role in the mornings of Filipinos. It fuels us for the day ahead, and fuels the local economy as well, particularly local coffee farms.

Our love for coffee

We’ve got coffee shops at almost every corner in cities, coffee vending machines, and some even keep ready-to-drink sachets of coffee in their bags. That’s how much we Pinoys love coffee.

However, when the pandemic hit, our coffee shop trips became limited for safety reasons. Some of them permanently closed down, too. Fortunately, some passionate baristas have found a way to bring our go-to caffeine fix with mobility in mind. 

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We’ve rounded up a couple of mobile coffee shops serving local brews and have been receiving love from its local communities. Check them out if you’re in their area!

Bike Coffee CDO

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Ruggierro Nicolae Rubio had to be let go of the company he had been with for 6 years. He was a hard-working barista at a hotel, and he too dreamed of opening his own coffee shop someday.

Coffee on wheels!

After receiving cash aid from the Department of Labor & Employment amounting to PHP 5,000, he made his coffee shop dream a reality. With the support of his family and community, Ruggierro’s mobile coffee shop was soon pedaling the streets of Cagayan de Oro.

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Kapihan sa Jeep

The owner, Gerald Abar is a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW). Because of Covid-19’s uncertainties, he decided to turn his jeep into a mobile coffee shop. 

Stylish! This mobile coffee shop gets you your brew from the back of a Jeep!

Gerald’s Pajero turns into a makeshift coffee shop with foldable chairs and tables. Kapihan sa Jeep serves good coffee and snacks to a variety of customers passing by the Bypass Road of Tayabas, Quezon.

Tip: Drop by anytime before the sun sets to enjoy a good drink with a view of Mt. Banahaw.

Café Movil

Here’s to mountains and Pinoy coffee! Café Movil is conveniently located near Mt. Malindang in Mindanao. What started as a brainstorming topic is now a go-to for passers-by, trekkers, and residents. 

All-out effort. It's worth the trouble of unpacking all this just to get coffee drinkers their fill.
Image from: Cafe Movil Facebook page

Café Movil’s goal is not just to be a destination for good local brews, but also for good conversations about being stewards of the environment. Similar to the abovementioned mobile coffee shops, Café Movil’s beans are also sourced from various regions in the Philippines.

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These mobile coffee shops are examples of hope and perseverance indeed. As well as a blueprint for the future of the local coffee shop industry in the country.

You see, coffee is not just a breakfast beverage for us Filipinos. Coffee has become a driving force for our mornings and growth as a country.

Who says you can’t bring local coffee closer to every Filipino? Let’s support our local baristas and businesses for a #BetterPhilippines!

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