Going Green

Green Business is Good Business

Green Business is good business almost anywhere in the world, and the Philippines is no exception.

By “green” we pertain to efforts directly beneficial to the environment, not just public relations stunts common in the world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). If a company is sincere about this, it should do it continuously, and with as little fanfare as possible. Because when people see that it’s genuine, there’s nothing stopping them from pouring their hard-earned money into your business.

Resorts World Manila (RWM)

Resorts World has been one company that has stayed below the green radar but has over-performed.

Many may have heard of their tree-planting efforts. In 2019, fifty-five (55) members of RWM’s League of Volunteer Employees (LOVE) were joined by their families in a tree-planting and environmental awareness activity at the La Mesa Nature Reserve in honor of Earth Day. 

RWM’s green business hasn’t stopped at tree-planting, as their Bantay Langis project also seeks to educate citizens on the dangers of improper handling/disposal of used industrial and engine oil.

While RWM may be known for its casino, it certainly doesn’t make any gambles when it comes to its ecological efforts. Now that’s a win for everyone!

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH)

When talking about SMPH’s environmental efforts, consistency is the word that comes to mind. There are plenty, but let’s focus on Baguio for the sake of this discussion.

In the early 2010’s, SM City Baguio came under fire for their development that led to the uprooting and replanting of some pine trees. By 2012, apart from doing everything by the book, SM had gone above and beyond replanting efforts by planting 50 saplings for every tree transferred. That’s double the quantity required by DENR.

By 2015, SM promised to plant 500,000 trees – 100,000 every year until 2020. The company had posted a bond worth 6 million pesos, guaranteeing they will follow environmental laws and cover any damages that may arise.

These green business efforts by SM have not been limited to press releases, as proof of their work has been visible in and around Baguio. By 2016, tens of thousands of trees had been planted in Tuba, Benguet. By September of that year, 30,200 were planted in the Philippine Military Academy. Another 2,157 in the Forbes Park forest reservation and 2,000 in Dontogan Elementary School. Barangay Salud Mitra had another 907, and 500 each in Quezon Elementary School and Sto. Tomas Elementary School. The list goes on.

To ensure the survival rate of trees, SM hires people to strictly monitor the growth of seedlings. They even replace seedlings that die in order to still reach their targets. These are not limited to Benguet pine, and include fruit-bearing trees such as agoho.

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City of Dreams Manila (COD)

Like RWM, COD has carved itself as a leader in turning the Philippines into one of Southeast Asia’s premier leisure destinations. But its commitment and contributions to the country doesn’t stop at providing economic and livelihood opportunities.

Included in its numerous CSR efforts have been greening programs such as those conducted in Noveleta and Ternate, Cavite in 2017. These featured the planting of 3,000 mangrove seeds.

Mangroves prevent soil erosion and provide protection against numerous ecological disasters. They also promote balance in coastal ecosystems, and are universally recognized to be a viable option in coastal rehabilitation.

Do you know of other companies performing well in terms of green business? Let us know!

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