Companies Unite to Support Frontliners vs COVID-19

In these troubled times, duty has called on the bravest of us. While frontliners are out risking their lives, three companies have been silently supporting them. These businesses are helping our countrymen in the trenches, and we’d like to show them some love back.

Our health workers, military, police, retail personnel, and delivery services have been working tirelessly for weeks. Luckily, two months in, these members of the private sector are still prioritizing their welfare.


Isuzu Philippines,SOGO Hotel, and Tolak Angin PH have been very busy with prioritizing the needs of our frontliners….

Posted by Flying Ketchup on Thursday, May 14, 2020


Isuzu Philippines, Hotel Sogo, and Tolak Angin – an unusual trio to say the least. But these companies have been consistent in providing the help our frontliners need.

Transport Support – Isuzu Philippines

Transportation has been, and will continue to be, a big issue in this pandemic. Mass transportation is suspended, and the use of private vehicles continues to be limited. Frontliners are having a hard time getting around. If they don’t get to where they’re supposed to be, everyone suffers.

There are a lot of transportation efforts from the public and private sector, but one that’s worth the mention is Isuzu Philippines.

Isuzu has lent two units of the D-MAX and one mu-X to the local government of Binan, Laguna, Red Cross Philippines, as well as to the Department of Transportation (DOTr). This has been huge support for our health workers.

“So Clean, So Good” – Hotel Sogo

Shelter is another basic necessity that our frontliners desperately need. After working long hours, they need a safe, clean, and accessible lodging, so they can recharge for the next day.

For shelter, Hotel Sogo has worked closely with various LGUs and hospitals to accommodate frontline health workers.

A group of health workers wait outside Hotel Sogo branch in Mabini, Manila on March 24, 2020, after Manila Mayor…

Posted by The Manila Times on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It’s a sad reality that our frontliners run the risk of bringing the virus into their homes. With the help of Hotel Sogo, our frontliners can rest easy, knowing that their families are protected at home. Hotel Sogo graciously opened their establishments for free, providing that “so clean, so good” service that they are known for.

It looks like Hotel Sogo is also preparing for the “new normal”, as they have recently released this video on their Facebook page. It shows their efforts to maintain cleanliness in their facilities, and the measures they take to ensure the safety of both our frontliners and their future customers.

Hotel Sogo New Normal Playbook a compilation of new designs, facilities, policies, procedures, organizational setups and…

Posted by Hotel Sogo on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Immunity as our best defense  – Tolak Angin

Finally, our frontliners need to be protected in order to keep up with the challenges they constantly face. Herbal supplements provide that extra boost of health and energy, ensuring that our frontliners will be able to overcome the trials of their day.

Tolak Angin has stepped in to provide this support by giving boxes of the herbal supplement to various frontline workers across the country.

Ang mga frontliners natin sa Valladolid District Hospital sa Negros Occidental, patuloy lang sa kanilang araw-araw na laban sa COVID-19. Taos-pusong pasasalamat ho sa inyong serbisyo sa bayan!

Posted by Tolak Angin PH on Friday, April 17, 2020

In our battle against COVID-19, our immune system is our last line of defense. When all else fails, your health is what is going to keep you alive. Tolak Angin is an herbal supplement with 12 natural ingredients. 

Tolak Angin is known to help prevent common sicknesses such as colds, cough, sore throat, indigestion, etc. and strengthen our immune system.

From food and delivery workers, to military and frontline health workers, in Luzon down to Mindanao, Tolak Angin has made a commitment to protect and ensure the health of our frontliners. 

For a stronger, #BetterPhilippines

We need to work together in order to succeed against COVID-19. This goes to show that we are never alone in this battle, because we have each other. Let’s make #WeHealAsOne more than just a slogan and hashtag. Let’s make it our shared goal, to come out of this pandemic as a stronger, #BetterPhilippines.

Isuzu, Hotel Sogo, and Tolak Angin are just three of many members of the private sector helping our countrymen in their own special way. Hopefully they inspire us to do our own efforts, and keep up the support in the front lines. 

On behalf of our frontliners, and the whole nation, thank you for your gracious and impactful support! 

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