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Cebu: Visayas’ Gateway to the World

There is a surge of economic development in the center of the Philippines, and Cebu, Visayas is at its core.

The region is constantly improving. Boracay’s clean-up was just the beginning. Bohol is opening up to the world with the newly improved Bohol-Panglao International Airport. Iloilo is shaping up to be an important emerging city in the country. Negros is leading the charge for a sustainable future.

As surrounding provinces continue to grow and develop, Cebu has remained the integral hub of the region. It continues to be one of the major centers not just for trade and industry, but education, tourism, and culture.

The Queen City of the South

For decades, Cebu has been recognized as the center of economic activities in Visayas, and extending even down to Mindanao. Next to Metro Manila, Metro Cebu is the largest metropolitan area in the country, also making it the second-largest urban economic center.

Over the last few years, the convergence of economic activity in the Visayas has thrived, revolving around Cebu. What New Clark is trying to accomplish in Northern Luzon, Cebu has been doing for decades. People continue to flock it to study or find work, as it has the best schools and the most lucrative opportunities in the region.

Cebu is also one of, if not the most accessible place in the Philippines. It has plenty of domestic air and sea linkages like Manila. And with the Mactan Cebu International Airport, the second busiest international airport in the country, Cebu is gearing up to become a true gateway to the world.

Ready for the world

Throughout the years, Cebu has been the Visayan center of rapid and strong regional growth. Its place as one of the biggest contributors to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is evidence of this. The city continues to attract foreign investment in a variety of industries, due to its accessibility, as well as several economic policies and business incentives.

Apart from Cebu being a business destination, the highly urbanized metropolis is surrounded by some of the country’s most picturesque beaches – offering visitors sun, sand, and sea all year long.

International travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler ranked Cebu as the second best island in Asia in its 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards survey.

“Located in the center of the Philippines, Cebu draws nearly two million travelers annually for its pristine beaches and diving off the island’s northern coast,” wrote Condé Nast.

The foreigners’ choice

Cebu’s incredibly strategic location has definitely not been missed by the international radar. It has a wide range of direct international flights from all over the region, including Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo.

For a lot of foreigner visitors, Cebu becomes their first taste of the famed beauty and hospitality of Filipinos. From there, they just take a quick boat ride or a short flight to discover the next adventure the Philippines has in store for them. With flights to Palawan and boat rides to neighboring islands, domestic travel has become so easy. But actually, with endless choices right in the province, who needs to leave Cebu? There’s fine food, superb diving, and an abundance of first-class accommodations.

In a lot of ways, Cebu is being the Philippines’ best foot forward. With every tourist it welcomes, every new business it builds, it’s living proof of the Philippine promise. That our regions outside of Metro Manila are thriving, and are increasingly world-class. Truly, Cebu deserves its title as the Queen City of the South. And we expect great things from the Queen in the coming years!

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