BS Esports – Cultivating the Athletes of the Future

Who would have thought that in 2021, BS Esports would be a thing?

On the heels of our historic performance in the Olympics comes some interesting news. Esports, basically competitive video gaming for the uninitiated, is slowly becoming the norm in our society. It used to be that video games were just a mindless pastime engaged in by some bored teenagers. Now, you can actually get a degree for it.

You can no longer argue that Esports is not a sport. It takes dedication, focus, and determination to actually get good in these multiplayer competitive video games. Arguably the most popular form of Esports, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA) like DOTA 2 or League of Legends, demand a certain discipline. It’s very much like any other sport. And it would seem now that just like the standard physical sports, Esports is slowly becoming a viable career path for Filipinos.

Local Esports Athlete Gets Full Scholarship from U.S. University

The University of Santo Tomas’ Teletigers is one of the Philippines’ most popular collegiate teams. The team recently made waves in the scene. There was recent news of one of its players actually receiving a varsity scholarship from a university in the U.S.!

Michael James “Maykel” Gonzales, one of the best “junglers” (i.e. a “position” that one plays in MOBAs) the Teletigers has seen, was recently given a full varsity scholarship by the Harrisburg University of Science & Technology in Pennsylvania, United States.

Aside from actually studying in the U.S., Gonzales will also be playing as a “bottom laner” (another position in MOBAs) for the Harrisburg University Storm Esports.

Every year, Harrisburg University grants 22 full-tuition scholarships, including housing stipends, for esports athletes. It’s one of the few universities that offer an Esports Management, Production and Performance bachelor’s degree program.

However, Esports as an official curriculum is not just a U.S. thing. Did you know that we also have a course for this right here in the Philippines?

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Local University Offers 4-year Course on Esports

In 2021, the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) announced that it is set to offer the Philippines’ first BS Esports program. Their website explains exactly what a Bachelor of Science in Esports program looks like. They basically focus on the “business” side of Esports.

One track called “Esports Management” is aimed at teaching students how to “develop business plans and organize events utilizing online streaming, marketing, and advertising events through digital technology.” Another track called “Game Design and Development” is more focused on actual game design theories and game programing.

Above all, this is a dream for students who wish to have a career in the burgeoning Esports Industry. These are exciting times ahead. Our local gamers, our “athletes of the future”, now actually have a legitimate platform to thrive and excel in their passion. In short, we are definitely living in the future, and it’s worth keeping an eye on this emerging scene!

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