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Pinoy Christmas Story: An OFW’s welcome

There is surely something magical about spending the holidays in the Philippines. The houses adorned with Christmas lights and decor. The smell of bibingka and puto bumbong filling the streets. And the rush of people and traffic for some last-minute Christmas shopping for their loved ones. This is the Pinoy Christmas.

Filipinos celebrate Christmas and New Year’s like no other in the world. This is why Filipinos abroad come home at least once a year. No matter where they are, nothing compares to Christmas at home. 

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are used to leaving their employers and spending Christmas separately. However, there is one heart-warming story of a family flying to the Philippines to spend time with their Filipina nanny.

Going home for Christmas

Dubai-based OFW Elizabeth Elizarde shared a story of how her employers decided to spend time with her and her family in the Philippines.

Jaime and Brenda Church, along with their two daughters, Chloe and Zoe, decided to visit Elizabeth in her hometown in the Philippines to spend Christmas together. 

“I met and welcomed them at the airport with my kids, and I even brought a tarpaulin with their names on it. After that, we drove them to a hotel in Makati,” said Elizabeth in a statement. 

After that surprise encounter, the Church family was welcomed by Elizabeth’s family to a heart-warming lunch out with each other.

“On the very same day, they took me and my kids out for lunch and we went to a fancy restaurant. My kids and I were shocked because a single hamburger costs PHP750, and I didn’t spend a single penny. They told me they would take care of everything,” said Elizabeth.

The Church family celebrated their daughter Chloe’s birthday in Elizabeth’s hometown in Antipolo, along with their neighbors in a simple feast. 

A growing friendship 

Elizabeth started working for the Church family back in 2013. She served the needs of the house and the family, but her main job was talking care of Chloe and Zoe. 

Zoe and Chloe Church

Elizabeth considers the Dutch family a blessing Elizabeth was considered as part of the family. 

“I was never treated indifferently, rather they always make me feel that I have a place in their home and life,” Elizabeth recalled. 

As the Church daughters grow, so does Elizabeth’s hope for the future of her own family back home. Jaime and Brenda promised to help Elizabeth with building her own house in the Philippines.

The real reason for the season

Another Christmas is fast-approaching. While most are busy doing last-minute Christmas preparations for a Noche Buena well spent, let us not forget the real reason for this season. Christmas is for spending time with people you love, and being grateful for the gift of each other.

May this heart-warming story remind us of the true Filipino Christmas Spirit!

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