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“Build Build Build” Laid the Foundation for a #BetterPhilippines

The undeniable benefit of the Duterte administration’s landmark “Build Build Build” program is that finally, infrastructure took the center stage to nation-building. These aren’t just roads or bridges – these are connections and opportunities that were only realized precisely because the administration prioritized them. We could only hope that the strong foundations laid in the past few years will continue to be built upon by our future leaders.

Most critics say that “Build Build Build” may have been too idealistic. But that is precisely what we needed. It’s a “landmark” project not only because it will forever be associated with the Duterte administration. It is a turning point in the perception of what our government could accomplish, given enough political will.

Foundation for a #BetterPhilippines

We’re not going to go into the details of the accomplishments under the “Build Build Build”. That has been reported time and again. We’ve also written about it in the past. What we want to point out now is that the greatest success of the “Build Build Build” is that it literally laid the foundation for a #BetterPhilippines.

Perhaps it was said best by Presidential Adviser for Flagship Programs and Projects Vince Dizon:

“We only have less than one year left in the Duterte administration. Whoever the next president will be, it is incumbent upon the next administration to not only continue, but to fast-track all the good work that has been done under the leadership of President Duterte,” he said.

Why? Not only because we want to continue the good work of the likes of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr). It’s because we want to build on the idea of the “Build Build Build”.

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Not just Convenience, but Unity

If you think about it, what is the “Build Build Build” at its very core?

It’s a collection of projects for bridges, railways, highways, and farm-to-market roads. They are additional seaports, airports, and landports (or much needed improvements to existing ones). They are all ambitious projects meant to bring the islands closer. To decrease travel time. And cut down prices of basic goods. To bring us not only convenience, but unity. These are projects that provide jobs to Filipinos, who directly improve the lives of people living at the end of each road or bridge. It’s even a crucial component of our fight against COVID-19.

It’s true that there are a lot of unfinished projects under the “Build Build Build”. But that only goes to show that the Philippines remains with huge untapped potential. There is simply plenty of work left to do.

The saddest thing is that if it all ends with the Duterte administration. The next administration needs to recognize that we need “Build Build Build” to move forward. It’s not about building more, or building faster. It’s about consistency, and building smart.

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