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“Bonifacio March” monument unveiled for Bonifacio Day

In time for Bonifacio Day, the tallest monument in Fort Bonifacio was unveiled to honor the Father of the Philippine Revolution.

In celebration of the 159th Bonifacio Day, property giant Megaworld, the City of Taguig, and Bonifacio Arts Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) unveiled the 10.2-meter monument in Uptown, Taguig.

It is to date, the biggest and the tallest monument in the Fort. Quite grandly, they dedicate this monument to the Father of the Philippine revolution, Andres Bonifacio.

"Bonifacio March" monument unveiled for Bonifacio Day
Bonifacio March: the most significant and tallest monument for the Father of the Philippine Revolution

The Father of the Philippine Revolution

One of the Philippines’ national heroes, Andres Bonifacio founded and later led the Katipunan – the foremost Filipino revolution organization founded in 1892 to oppose Spanish rule.

As the “Father of the Philippine Revolution,” he was a dynamic character in history, a self-starter with
the tremendous initiative, courage, and drive.

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Bonifacio March monument unveiled for Bonifacio Day
The first of its kind in the country, the sculpture is in cold-cast bronze.

Altogether, it is a product of a wonderful collaboration involving Megaworld, the City of Taguig, Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), and Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI), a nonprofit organization that celebrates Filipino history and heritage through the arts and sciences.

The monument shows Andres marching forward to battle. Meanwhile, sitting powerfully atop his horse. To further reinforce his leadership role in the resistance, he wears his officer’s uniform. The sculpture also shows him carrying both a pistol and a bolo on his waist, depicting him in
battle-ready form.

In true Andres fashion, he is seen waiting to defend his territory in anticipation of the enemy’s assault. Wielding and raising his colors and flag, the flag is blown back by the wind, showing that both Bonifacio and his horse are marching forward. This is an artistic representation that reflects the purposeful energy of the monument’s location.

Bonifacio March: a Bronze Masterpiece

The impressive masterpiece towers over an 832-square-meter landscaped green park that sits
between the luxurious residential condominium towers of Uptown Parksuites 2 and Uptown Arts
Residences in Uptown Bonifacio.

The sculpture is a masterpiece by head sculptor Paul Albert R. Quiaño, art director Reizel M. Vibal, and collaborating artist Jun Vicaldo.

“We are constantly facing huge challenges every single day. Our resolve, patience, and resilience are
always put to the ultimate test, and this is particularly true during the past two years. But like Andres
Bonifacio’s unbowed spirits and determination, we have proven that with the right mindset and
determination to succeed, we will continue to overcome whatever challenge lies ahead.”

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